Our Kitesurf School

Heaven Kite School is always keeping up with the latest developments in the kitesurfing world, with the latest teaching techniques and equipment, giving you a fun safe learning experience.


Rafael Montero Ruiz

Instructor Kite (iko)

Heaven Kite School

Heaven kite school has a long history of being involved in the world of water sports. In 1989 Rafael Montero, who runs Heaven Kite School, started out sailing small boats, he then went on to learn how to surf, windsurf, ski, snowboard and a few other water based sports. One day whilst down on the beach he saw some guys being pulled along by kites whilst standing on surf boards and he thought I have to try that and once he did he was hooked some much that he decided to try and be an ambassador for the sport and show as many people as possible the beauty of kitesurfing. This was when he opened Heaven Kite School, which at the moment has 5 qualified instructors ready to teach you about this great sport. The school also trains a few local up and coming kitesurfers who are giving there all to break into the highly competitive Pro Kitesurf circuit.

About Kitesurf

Although kitesurfing is a high adrenalin sport it is not a high-risk sport, but due to the powder of the kite we should not try learn this sport without certified instructors.

Always professional instructors with accredited qualifications to learn in a safe fun way all the latest techniques in kitesurfing.

With us you will be learning in a safe fun environment with the latest kitesurfing equipment to help you enjoy your kitesurfing course.

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